Effective Content In Action

These are tools, methods, and references to operationalize how you create effective content.



Chrome Device Toolbar – Test your site with a mobile emulator.

Google Analytics – Intuitive default reports and endless custom reports.

Google Optimize – A/B test variations of your website to determine what works best for your customers and business.

Google Webmasters and Search Console – Guidelines and insights for how Google indexes your website.

Google Lighthouse or Page Speed Insights – Test page load speed and get recommendations to improve.


Confidence Surveys

Templates – Build in structure and callouts based on effective content principles.

Journey Mapping – Use this technique to reduce obstacles and identify opportunities for effective content.

Workflow – Pre-determine efficient workflows for quick publishing.

Microcopy – these small words are a big opportunity to make use of effective content


Style Guide – Include a #1 Rule! Follow these guidelines all the time, except when there is a good customer-focused reason not to.

User Language Library – Record your user verbiage from feedback channels and online communities.

Accessibility StandardsEnsure content meets standards for accessibility.

VIP Content – Know which of your content converts the most and which is viewed the most.

Effective Content Checklist – Save the graphic below for quick reference.

Effective Content Checklist