I moderate and present at conferences and professional development events on topics related to customer experience, technical content strategy, and knowledge management.


  • Beyond Efficiency: Crafting Unforgettable AI-Powered Support Experiences
    • Panel moderator, SupportDriven and Intercom webinar, November 2023
  • Cross-Functional Customer Experience
    • Conference presentation, LavaCon, October 2023
  • Cross-Functional Alignment for Knowledge Management
    • Conference workshop, SupportDriven Expo, October 2023
  • Cracking the Code of Customer Experience
    • Virtual fireside chat, SupportDriven, September 2023
  • Empower your team with smarter collaboration via Intelligent Swarming
    • Virtual lightening talk, Customer Support and Success Brain Trust, September 2023
  • Designing Content for the Human Ecosystem
    • Virtual conference presentation, Spectrum, September 2022
  • Why you should mobilize support knowledge with Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)
    • Conference presentation, SupportDriven Expo, October 2022
  • Zoom Out: Expand Your Understanding of Customer Context
    • Conference presentation, STC Summit, May 2022
  • Designing content for the human ecosystem
    • Virtual Conference presentation, OmnichannelX, June 2022
  • Content, Customer Engagement, CRM, and KCS
    • Podcast guest, Because you need to know by Pioneer Knowledge Services, January 2022
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  • Improving CX through Customer Success
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management in a Hybrid Workplace
    • Virtual, Coveo Relevance 360, September 2021
  • Meaningful Content: Cross-Functional Techniques That Create Impact
  • The Power of Knowledge for Your TechComm Career
    • Virtual co-presentation with Theresa Daudier, STC San Diego, May 2021

2020 Presentations

  • Expanding Understanding of Customer Context
    • Member meeting presentation, Consortium for Service Innovation, October 2020
  • Your Future Career with Tools and Technology
    • Panel discussion, STC Summit, May 2020
  • How to Write for Humans and Machines
  • How Support and Documentation Teams Can Help Combat Churn
  • Value-oriented outcomes
    • Podcast guest, Content Content with Ed Marsh, May 2020
  • Supercharge Your Technical Documentation Value with Knowledge-Centered Service
  • How the writing in technical writing needs to evolve
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your self-service
    • Roundtable discussion, KCS World Tour, March 2020
  • How to Maximize KCS Benefits
    • Conference presentation, KCS World Tour, March 2020
Although KCS adoption is truly unique in each organization, what common threads create the best customer self-service experience and maximize benefits? Hear lessons learned and insights for successful adoption shared by experienced KCS practitioners.

2018-2019 Presentations

  • Tech Writers and KCS
    • KCS in Action Web Session, September 2019
  • Optimize your Content like an Engineer
  • Leadership opportunities are closer than they appear
    • Conference breakout session, STC Summit, May 2019
  • How to blend Content Strategy and Knowledge Management
    • Member Summit, Consortium for Service Innovation, April 2019
  • KCS and Content Strategy
    • Member Meeting, Consortium for Service Innovation, Content Strategy Across the Org, March 2019
  • Level Up Your Content Metrics
    • Conference breakout session, LavaCon, October 2018
  • Content: A metrics framework
    • Member meeting presentation, Consortium for Service Innovation, October 2018
  • Life As An Introverted Leader
  • Predictive Engagement Maturity Model
    • Member meeting presentation with Bonnie Chase and Ari Hoffman, Consortium for Service Innovation, May 2018
  • Future-Proof Writing: How to Craft User-Focused Effective Content
    • Conference breakout session, STC Summit, May 2018
  • Effective Content Framework for Customer Success
    • Chapter presentation, STC Orange County, April 2018
  • Slack for Technical Writers and Editors
    • Virtual presentation, STC San Diego, January 2018
Incorporate engineering principles and quantitative measures into content optimization for a mature content experience. As always, think #OutsideIn to put users first and connect content operations to business objectives!

2016-2017 Presentations

  • Effective Content Framework for Customer Success
    • Conference breakout session, LavaCon, November 2017
  • Why Technical Writers Should Embrace Content Analytics
    • Webinar, STC, June 2017
  • You Too Can Easily Start a YouTube Channel for Your STC Chapter
    • Webinar, STC CAC, March 2017
  • Content Analytics for Technical Communicators
    • Chapter presentation, STC San Diego, March 2016