Your Competition Isn’t Your Competitor

Have you ever taken a peek at a competitor’s offerings before? Perhaps you checked out their product pages, read their reviews, or tried out their chatbot. Maaaybe you’ve even asked a friend to use their email to grab a gated asset for you or clicked on a competitor’s PPC ad to give yourself a chuckle.

Introducing Cross-Functional Customer Experience

I’ve been trying to decide on a new “label” for my career focus. For many years now, I’ve been inching away from my Technical Writer roles. After starting a new dream job in July 2021, technical writing isn’t even a bullet in my job description for the first time in my career. So I pondered

A List of Content Disciplines

Originally published 11 August 2020 on What are *all* the disciplines that either plan, support, or deliver content? I posed this question to the internet (via LinkedIn + Twitter) and, naturally, content professionals showed up with 250+ contributions! While there could be many ways to organize this list, I see a 3-level classification: I’ve

My Layoff Recovery in the Time of COVID-19

Well so far 2020 has been … a year. Along with personal losses and global turmoil, I experienced my first professional layoff. I feel oddly fortunate that my first time being laid off occurred with ~40 million others. I was knocked off course but certainly not alone! Connection to others is the hero of my

STC Summit 2020 Takeaways

Dream big and focus on valuable outcomes for yourself and others that your work impacts. STC provides opportunities for career growth far beyond the Summit.