2017 Career Summary

In 2017, I made a switch to a new job, expanded my scope of learning, and began focusing on increasing my presentation experience.

Freelance Business Fundamentals – Key Takeaways

STC San Diego collaborates with SD/PEN every year to host a fall workshop. I think they keep getting better every year and this year’s workshop to Kickstart Your Home-Based Writing and Editing Business was my favorite by far.

Top Content Experience Strategist 2017

It’s a great time to be a content professional. With changes in consumer behavior and advances in technology, content has a more important role than ever.

10 Questions to Include in Every Software RFP

Knowing how to identify and purchase the right software successfully is not something you should have to learn through trial and error. Whether you’re seeking an on-premises, hosted, or SaaS product, these 10 questions can apply to almost any software RFP.

How to get a job via LinkedIn

I landed my last 2 jobs via LinkedIn without even trying. Spoiler Alert: When I say I landed these jobs “without even trying” – I mean that I wasn’t directly job hunting when these opportunities landed in my LinkedIn inbox. This process still takes effort 🙂   Step One – Pack your patience This is


I’ve owned this domain since 2008 and I’m finally doing something with it. Just for fun – Check out the top 10 everything of 2008 according to Time.com.