Introducing Cross-Functional Customer Experience

I’ve been trying to decide on a new “label” for my career focus. For many years now, I’ve been inching away from my Technical Writer roles. After starting a new dream job in July 2021, technical writing isn’t even a bullet in my job description for the first time in my career. So I pondered

My Layoff Recovery in the Time of COVID-19

Well so far 2020 has been … a year. Along with personal losses and global turmoil, I experienced my first professional layoff. I feel oddly fortunate that my first time being laid off occurred with ~40 million others. I was knocked off course but certainly not alone! Connection to others is the hero of my

Fear and Excitement Trigger the Same Physiological Response

I’ve learned that fear (or concern, worry, anxiety, etc.) and excitement (or eagerness, fulfillment, joy, etc.) can often co-exist for the same event or circumstances at the same time. I try to leave room for both experiences to be true at the same time.

Mind the Gap

Leadership advice: Identify gaps or needs that you can help solve for and keep your focus there, rather than wasting energy on things you cannot control.

You’re Welcome for Asking

The delight when I discover a miscommunicated detail or unexpected dependency is like a treasure hunt, and asking the right question to the right person is the only way to get the next clue!