Opposite Day

Opposite Day

I try to stay open to noticing new patterns or opportunities to change my thinking. Lately, I’ve observed a trend of realizing the value in sometimes trying the opposite of original instincts.

When considering pros or cons of particular choices, or reacting because I disagree with a decision, I’m trying to consider if an *opposite* (not just alternative) choice might actually be better.

Just because there is a logical reason to do something, doesn’t mean there isn’t a BETTER reason to do the opposite.

Opposite examples

  • At the Content Metrics presentation that Neal Kaplan and I shared at LavaCon 2018, an attendee said their testing showed that *removing* certain text prompts for return visitors improved their success metrics.
  • A colleague called out that the biggest value of measuring ticket deflection doesn’t come from the rate increase (success rate), but in analyzing how it *failed* for actionable insights to improve product/process/content.
  • Another colleague identified a customer interaction point that we created to increase communication, when *preventing* that interaction might be better for the customer.

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