Introducing Cross-Functional Customer Experience

Introducing Cross-Functional Customer Experience

I’ve been trying to decide on a new “label” for my career focus. For many years now, I’ve been inching away from my Technical Writer roles. After starting a new dream job in July 2021, technical writing isn’t even a bullet in my job description for the first time in my career.

So I pondered my career journey…

A former Technical Writer with an ongoing focus on Knowledge Management (mostly via Support functions and Knowledge-Centered Service methodology), a heavy dash of Customer Success Enablement and passion for all things content, lots of collaboration with Product and Product Marketing, currently responsible for Customer (Member, in my org) Engagement.

It’s a bunch of disciplines without a tidy name. The common thread is making cross functional connections to mitigate internal gaps all in service of improving  Customer Experience.

And I settled on…

***Cross-Functional Customer Experience***

I’m going to try it on for a bit.

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