A List of Content Disciplines

Originally published 11 August 2020 on meaningfulcontent.io What are *all* the disciplines that either plan, support, or deliver content? I posed this question to the internet (via LinkedIn + Twitter) and, naturally, content professionals showed up with 250+ contributions! While there could be many ways to organize this list, I see a 3-level classification: I’ve

Content Expectations

Google’s AI is learning to favor content that most effectively fulfills the searcher’s intent. It’s more important than ever to be the right answer to the queries you seek to rank for and to be the content you wish you found.

MozCon 2017 Takeaways

I love that my career has focused on technical support content and online self-service because being good at my job helps my company and customers at the same time – that’s still true with my new focus.

Google featured snippets paradox

Google featured snippets create a tricky paradox (brought to my attention via The Hustle) … The snippet allows users to get their answer without clicking through, which ultimately hurts the website (due to less traffic) that the snippet is generated from. Some reward for writing effective content that beats even the #1 search result! With little

Do you know about Knowledge-Centered Service?

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®), formerly called Knowledge Centered Support, is a methodology to integrate knowledge creation and maintenance into your day-to-day processes. KCS becomes the way people solve problems and creates knowledge as a by-product of problem solving. KCS Goals Integrate the reuse, improvement, and creation of knowledge into the problem solving process. Evolve content based