Top Content Experience Strategist 2017

It’s a great time to be a content professional. With changes in consumer behavior and advances in technology, content has a more important role than ever. This is a fun space to work in with tons of reasons to keep upping our content game: Effective content fuels intent-based moments, which Google coined as Micro-Moments, where

Content expectations

Does your content meet your own expectations? Mine doesn’t, yet. “Be the content you wish you found!” One of my favorite takeaways from attending #MozCon 2017 came from a candid preso by Wil Reynolds – I’d Rather Be Thanked Than Ranked. Google’s AI is learning to favor content that most effectively fulfills the searcher’s intent.

MozCon 2017 Takeaways

I’ve been a technical writer and editor for 10+ years and never imagined I’d attend a content marketing conference. Then, just a couple months into a new role with SEO and lead-gen as an important part of my responsibilities, I was lucky enough to attend MozCon 2017. I love that my career has focused on

Google featured snippets paradox

Google featured snippets create a tricky paradox (brought to my attention via The Hustle) … The snippet allows users to get their answer without clicking through, which ultimately hurts the website (due to less traffic) that the snippet is generated from. Some reward for writing effective content that beats even the #1 search result! With little

An effective marketing email subject

How many marketing emails go straight to the trash folder?  For me, it’s most of them. Stats from MailChimp have the average open rate as ~20% and the average click rate in the low single digits. But a recent marketing email from my real estate agent caught my attention and motivated me to open it, because of the subject – “The