Top Content Experience Strategist 2017

It’s a great time to be a content professional. With changes in consumer behavior and advances in technology, content has a more important role than ever.

Sara Feldman Effective Content

This is a fun space to work in with tons of reasons to keep upping our content game:

  • Effective content fuels intent-based moments, which Google coined as Micro-Moments, where consumers seek information to make a decision (know, go, do, or buy).
  • Rapidly evolving smart devices and AI-powered conversational user interfaces are dependent on new formats of effective content.
  • New data about customer effort, which is heavily influenced by effective content, shows that reducing customer effort has the strongest measurable correlation to customer loyalty.

As Patrick Bosek called out in a recent easyDITA post, these trends in consumer behavior and new technology “demand content to properly interact with us.” I love how he phrased that.

Content Influencers and Strategists List

I’m pleased to be included on a 2017 list of Top 200 Content Experience Strategists and proud to see so many familiar names from my network included on the list too!

The Top 200, as described by MindTouch:

Nominated and voted on by you, the people, this list was simply too extensive and close to keep it confined to the TOP100 as originally anticipated. This list is 100% voted on by the public and offers insight into who the industry feels are implementing an incredible Content Experience through strategic and tactical use of their self-service materials, delivering best-in-class support for their current customers and prospects alike.

The Top 25, voted on by a panel of Content Experience leaders, is a stellar list of influencers to follow. Check out the full MindTouch list of 2017’s TOP25 Content Experience Influencers and TOP200 Strategists.

Content Expectations

Does your content meet your own expectations? Mine doesn’t, yet.

“Be the content you wish you found!”

One of my favorite takeaways from attending #MozCon 2017 came from a candid preso by Wil ReynoldsI’d Rather Be Thanked Than Ranked.

Google’s AI is learning to favor content that most effectively fulfills the searcher’s intent. It’s more important than ever to be the right answer to the queries you seek to rank for and to be the content you wish you found.

Wil Reynolds MozCon 2017
Image credit: Adviso Blog

Effective content framework

I’m working on an #effectivecontent framework to help elevate my content to my own expectations. I’ll present the full strategy at the upcoming LavaCon, but here’s a sneak-peek at the five main components:

  1. Intent
  2. Usability
  3. Findability
  4. Timeliness
  5. Efficiency

I’ll be sharing more about it soon.

Google featured snippets paradox

Google featured snippets create a tricky paradox (brought to my attention via The Hustle) …

The snippet allows users to get their answer without clicking through, which ultimately hurts the website (due to less traffic) that the snippet is generated from.

Some reward for writing effective content that beats even the #1 search result! With little control about what appears in the snippet, there’s limited ability to add a CTA or encourage engagement.

What’s the solution and how will this relationship evolve? I’ll be watching.

Featured snippets in Google search

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