Content 4.0 – The Next Wave of Content Experience

Content 4.0 – The Next Wave of Content Experience

If you are a content professional or follow content industry trends, then you’ve probably heard a lot of buzzwords lately, including omnichannel content, Content 4.0, and microcontent.

The reality is that most of these buzzwords are different flavors of the same unstoppable trend. Consumer preferences are shaping the role of content to become more important than ever before.

Evolving the New Content Order

At LavaCon 2017, Cruce Saunders shared a forward-looking presentation about this new critical stage of content: content 4.o. He explained how to future-proof content assets to meet the demands of ever-evolving customer experiences.

Read more about themes from LavaCon 2017, or scan through Cruce’s presentation below.

Looking Forward

Content engineering practices and unified content models will help teams become more effective. As Cruce calls out in his presentation, “Our content must know more than what it looks like. It must know what it is and why it matters.”

Content interactions and intelligence are the path forward for organizations to become more customer-centric. Companies that don’t seize the opportunity to leverage content intelligence to provide more customer value will be disrupted by those that do.

Learn about the customer needs addressed by introducing smart content throughout the customer journey to differentiate your brand.

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