Panel Discussion: The Nuts and Bolts on Technical Editing and Writing

Panel Discussion: The Nuts and Bolts on Technical Editing and Writing

I enjoyed joining Mark Fogg and Elizabeth Gray in this panel discussion for San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN). We answered questions about how we became technical writers and editors, the various tech industries and opportunities in San Diego, how to succeed in the field, and more.

Technically Speaking: The Nuts and Bolts on Technical Editing and Writing (March 16, 2017)

Mark Fogg, Sara Feldman, Elizabeth Gray

Discussion Highlights

  • Learn to love style guides. Technical Writers will reference various style guides, depending on the subject-matter or client. Whichever one is required should become your new best friend! A great house style guide example is the MailChimp style guide (which happens to be included in Websites I like).
  • Technical Editors vs. Technical Writers. Interestingly, my co-panelists had a much clearer distinction between these roles than I’ve encountered in my experience. I’m researching this topic and will post more about it soon.
  • Contractor vs. Full Time Employee (FTE). We all noted that contract positions appear to be more common now than FTE opportunities, at least in San Diego. Contract positions unfortunately don’t come with benefits. On the other hand, FTE positions can come with extra hours (especially around major deadlines or product releases) while contractor hours are much more consistent and predictable.
Moderator, Chris Zook

Learn More

  • SD/PEN has a mission to “To support and develop top-notch editors and to promote their services to writers, publishers, businesses, and others whose success depends on effective communication.” Check out the next SD/PEN event!
  • STC San Diego connects you with networking, educational and job opportunities so you can grow in the rewarding field of technical communication. Check out the next STC San Diego event!

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