How to get a job via LinkedIn

I landed my last 2 jobs via LinkedIn without even trying. Spoiler Alert: When I say I landed these jobs “without even trying” – I mean that I wasn’t directly job hunting when these opportunities landed in my LinkedIn inbox. This process still takes effort ūüôā   Step One – Pack your patience This is

Google featured snippets paradox

Google featured snippets¬†create a tricky paradox (brought to my attention via The Hustle) … The snippet allows users to get their answer without clicking through, which ultimately hurts the website (due to less traffic) that the snippet is generated from. Some reward for writing effective content that beats even the #1 search result! With little

Do you know about Knowledge-Centered Service?

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS¬ģ), formerly called Knowledge Centered Support, is a methodology to integrate knowledge creation and maintenance into your day-to-day processes. KCS becomes the way people solve problems and creates knowledge as a by-product of problem solving. KCS Goals Integrate the reuse, improvement, and creation of knowledge into the problem solving process. Evolve content based

Panel Discussion: The Nuts and Bolts on Technical Editing and Writing

I enjoyed joining Mark Fogg and Elizabeth Gray in this panel discussion for San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN). We answered questions about how we became technical writers and editors, the various tech industries and opportunities in San Diego, how to succeed in the field, and more. Technically Speaking: The Nuts and Bolts on Technical Editing and

An effective marketing email subject

How many¬†marketing emails go¬†straight to the¬†trash folder? ¬†For me, it’s most of them. Stats from MailChimp¬†have the average open rate as ~20% and the average click rate in the low single digits. But a recent marketing email from my real estate agent caught my attention and motivated me¬†to open it, because of¬†the subject – “The